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In the year following my graduation from Oregon College of Art and Craft, I continued exploring my installation work in the form of "wall bouquets." Here are two of my more successful works in this format.

Love Tooth


exhibited in the NW Biennial, Tacoma Art Museum 2001

Love Tooth is a piece I refer to as a “sculptural bouquet." I see it as an exercise in portraiture, looking back to my original installation and presentation of these sculptures, titled Kharshouf, which was a self-portrait. My bouquets take their forms from a bouquet of flowers, where there are multiples of several different units that make up the entire composition. This wall installation is about 18 inches in diameter and 8 inches deep.

This piece is a portrait of an emotion or proclivity. “Love Tooth” is a term which used to be applied to someone who has a tendency to fall in love easily, just as one might have a sweet tooth.




Like Love Tooth, this is another in my series of wall-mounted bouquet forms. This piece, entitled May evokes both a time of year and a state of mind....I may or I may not......

This wall installation is about 18 inches by 16 inches, and 8 inches deep.It includes several repeated elements and a few one of a kind pieces to make up the bouquet.

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