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Finland - works on cloth

I participated in two international artist residencies in 2007. Both presented opportunities for me to work in a new environment without the comfort of my usual set of power tools.

The first residency was in Fiskars, Finland, where I was a guest of the ONOMO Artists Cooperative for two weeks in the dead of winter. I brought fabric with me, and also procured some materials on location. I created eight long tapestries inspired by the landscape of Finland, and the ambient music of Alvo Noto on my iPod. I was inspired by materials I found in regional hardware stores, including long rolls of yellow sandpaper, sold by the meter. Other materials I used in my tableaus included wool, felt, shelf paper, fur, ultasuede, sequins, spackling tape, rubber gloves and scouring pads.


I documented my entire residency and trip to Finland in my blog. (postings between February 16 - March 3, 2007)

One of these fabric pieces (not pictured) later became part of a collaboration with Christian Bannister for the Points of View show in Fiskars that summer. 

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