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Portland, OR


I created artwork for five sites at the Peloton Apartments in North Portland that all allude to mapping. The design elements for all of the works were initially created by hand with paper and scissors before being translated to computer for the final composition. 


Three Wayfaring Signposts located in the planting beds of the building's woonerf are an homage to the classic wooden wayfinding signs pointing to destinations near and far.

8’ x 24” x 24” 
Stainless Steel


Located just to the west of the Wayfinding sculptures, I designed stainless steel screens for two locations in the woonerf.

These are abstract interpretations of all the possible ways one could take to get from one point to another.

VeloMap (wanderlust)

Shown on the right, screens were designed to cover two fire escape doors that open from the inside of the building.

height 12'

VeloMap (commute)

Shown below, screens fill an opening above the entrance to the building's underground parking area.

width: 25'


On the north side of the building, three CenturyLink utility boxes were painted in four of the building colors in a pattern reminiscent of the VeloMap screens.


And finally, I also implemented my Peloton pattern language into sliding steel cupboard doors for the community lounge areas.

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