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This listing is to accompany the sale of the suspended fish sculptures also sold on this website. If purchased, I will remove the screw eye in one fish sculpture and replace it with an embedded steel cable for a cleaner look. Please specify length (up to 3 feet.) Also comes with one high quality Arakawa Gripper (retail value $15) and three stainless steel screws so you can affix the gripper to your ceiling, simply insert the end of the steel cable into the gripper, and easily remove it when desired using the gripper's quick release function.


Gripper base is one inch in diameter and one inch long. Made of stainless steel.


If you need more than three feet of cable to suspend your fish sculpture, please contact me. Fish sculptures are sold separately from this listing and come with a simple screw eye attachment if you just want to hang them yourself!

Hanging Mount for Fish Sculptures