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The nativity set was always one of my favorite decorations to come out of storage each year, and I love being able to design more contemporary sets for other people and families who, like me, like to celebrate the holiday season in non-traditional ways. 


This eleven piece set is predominantly made from walnut and painted white woods. Included are Jesus in manger, Mary, Joseph, three wise men bearing gifts, an angel, star tree and three "animals." (not specific animals, but you might spy a camel in the mix!) The star tree is around six inches tall.  The manger, angel's wings and star on the tree have been painted gold. Jesus' head is a pearl.


The tree is signed and dated on the bottom. This is a set that I made in production, so yours will look very similar to the one posted, but have slight nuances that make it one of a kind. Comes in gift box.


While I hope that this set will become a cherished item in your family for many years, I strongly recommend that you keep this set out of the reach of curious little hands and mouths. I know how much I loved to play with my grandmother's nativity set as a child, so please make sure young children are always supervised. 


Price includes shipping withing the United States. If you are outside the US, please contact me about shipping costs. 


Modern Nativity Set- Large

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