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The nativity set was always one of my favorite decorations to come out of storage each year, and I love being able to design more contemporary sets for other people and families who, like me, like to celebrate the holiday season in non-traditional ways. 


This four piece set is predominantly made from reclaimed walnut and maple woods. Included are Jesus in manger, Mary, Joseph, and a star tree The tree is around seven inches tall.  The star on the tree has been painted gold. 


The tree is signed and dated on the bottom. This is a set that I made in production, so yours will look very similar to the one posted, but have slight nuances that make it one of a kind. Comes in gift box.


While I hope that this set will become a cherished item in your family for many years, I strongly recommend that you keep this set out of the reach of curious little hands and mouths. I know how much I loved to play with my grandmother's nativity set as a child, so please make sure young children are always supervised. 


Price includes shipping withing the United States. If you are outside the US, please contact me about shipping costs. 


Modern Nativity Set - Small