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This piece is part of a series of site-specific sculptures that attach to the Bluebird Bus I lived and made them in during an artist’s residency at The Sou’wester in March of 2021. It measures about 12”x8”x2” excluding the little springy part.

During that residency, I created ten intimate sculptural installations inspired by polypores–fungi that grow in a shelf-like formation on trees. Regionally, polypores play a very significant role in nutrient cycling and carbon dioxide production of forest ecosystems. Polypores are much more diverse in old natural forests with abundant dead wood than in younger managed forests. Consequently, a number of species have declined drastically and are under threat of extinction due to logging and deforestation. I’m also interested in this theme because one particular polypore species is harvested by artists because the surface can be used as a substrate for drawing. These pieces all have magnets embedded into the backs and are designed to live on any metal surface.


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