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This is for a full poster-sized, double sided “uncut” deck of cards, which is the production stage right before cutting the sheet into its 56 individual cards to fit in the box! Makes a great piece of wall art! Sheet measures 26.5 inches high and 22 inches wide. Original bird collage used for playing card backs on one side, and all card backs on reverse side. 


Price is $45 for the uncut deck, plus $5.70 for first class shipping within the United States. If you are outside the USA, I will contact you about additional postage fees. 


The deck is being made by the United States Playing Card Company, maker of the famed Bicycle Decks.  Each deck will have a unique card face with one of my 54 bird collages, and the backs will feature another more intricate collage.  I also designed a custom tuck box, and two cards are included with each deck that tells about the artist and the hand-cut process used to design the artwork.


These high quality card decks are made with their own unique card stock, premium Inks & Finishes, and their legendary Air Cushion Finish. They use 100% recyclable and repulpable 100% non-toxic inks, starch based adhesives, water based coatings and their raw paper suppliers are North American based and FSC certified.





Uncut Card Sheet